Monetize your Discord with Chargebee & Stripe

Monetize your Discord with Chargebee & Stripe

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Hello everyone 👋,

As a developer and as a community owner, I have created many Discord servers to handle every product support 🫂 or to create gaming communities 🎮.

I wanted to create some restricted role to have exclusive content or to have a priority support, but no service exist to handle this. This service need to allow me to assign role if user subscribe to one of my products 💳.

To solve that, I created OnlyDfans. It’s a simple service where you can connect your Stripe account or your Chargebee credentials in a couple of minutes.

This service is FREE during beta and the subscription will be $40 by server by month.

Let’s see how it works !

Screenshot from 2021-10-20 07-16-45.png

I. Go to the app

You need to go to and you need to connect to Discord.

II. Create a new server

In this page, you will see all your servers, but you will see, too, all your subscriptions in each server.

Screenshot from 2021-10-20 07-20-07.png

Now you can press on plus button and select one of your servers. Only servers where you are owner are listed !

III. Configure your server

You need to click on “Manage server” and click after that to “ Setup server”.

You need to :

  • Invite Discord bot to your server
  • Select your payment provider
  • Create webhook configuration in your payment provider panel (Products, Customer Portal, etc.)
  • Enter keys and other requirements for your payment provider

Screenshot from 2021-10-20 07-26-15.png

IV. Create your product

With OnlyDfans, you can provide subscription with many use case

  • Free (without restriction)
  • Password Restricted
  • Time Restricted
  • Quantity Restricted

So now, you can create your product :

Screenshot from 2021-10-20 07-32-21.png

Now you can go to your product detail to get the checkout link. And share it to your future customers.



It takes us only 5 minutes to set up everything. If you need help, we can help you to set up everything in our Discord server : Now it’s time to make money 🤑.